What to Do When You First Notice Neck Pain

Anybody who has neck pain Hamilton will often be a little concerned when they first notice their symptoms of pain. After all, having pain in a place as vulnerable as your neck can be a very stressful experience. If you have recently noticed high levels of pain in your neck, there are some steps for you to take before you can start fearing the worst.

1. You Should Usually Wait & Monitor Symptoms

Having neck pain is not inherently a death sentence by any means. In most cases of neck pain, the discomfort will go away within a few weeks or so. If you don’t notice the pain going away within a short period of time, it is usually due to having a chronic pain condition of some sort or an injury that needs professional treatment.

2. Self-Evaluate the Intensity of Pain

The intensity of the pain is often one of the best ways that you get an idea of how bad the condition might be. If you would self-rate your level of pain between a 7 to 10 out of 10, you probably should consider getting professional treatment. If the level of pain is so high that you can not carry on with your normal life easily, then there is no shame in getting the professional help you deserve.

3. See if Pain Starts to Subside

As we mentioned, the first thing that you need to do when you are dealing with neck pain is to try and wait it out. Your body will likely be able to handle the issue on its own with minimal intervention. However, if the pain continues to linger on and/or get worse over time, then you will probably need to receive professional treatment.

4. Ice if there is Inflammation

If you notice any sort of inflammation on your neck, this is a sign that the problem could be a fracture or sprain. In order to get some quick relief, icing the inflammation can help a lot. In addition, ice will help the inflammation subside. The idea here is that you don’t overdo things, though. Try to limit the icing sessions to 15-20 minutes and a few times each day.

5. See a Doctor if it is Too Much to Handle

If you have neck pain in Hamilton that is a little too much to handle, then you should always consider seeing a doctor as one of your first options. A doctor will be the best source for discovering how intense the pain is, what the road to recovery will look like, and the exact nature of the problem. With a professional diagnosis and treatment plan, you will almost always get the pain in control faster than you could on your own.

Ready to Get a Professional Pain Intervention for your Neck?

Many people with neck pain in Hamilton will continue to live with the problem despite the fact that there is help ready at any given time. Here at Performance Pain, we will take you in as a first-time client and give you a free consultation. During this time, we will help you figure out why you have neck pain and come up with a treatment plan that will work.

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