North America Mozilla Reps Meetup - My Day 2 Recap

The North America Mozilla Reps meetup was a very productive event and I can say that we leave the meetup with greater momentum as a community.

The main theme of the meetup was FOCUS. That means being more selective in defining priorities and shortening the time frame for actionable items to a more realistic size.

I did mention in my last blog post that we had to pare down our priorities. We spent most of Day 2 firming that up and filtering items even more to set ourselves up for a higher success rate.

But before we got that going, we kicked the day off with a diversity workshop that Lukas Blakk ran. The workshops is called Diversity Identity Core Engagement and it definitely started a good discussion among us. I’d like to mention that Lukas appreciates any feedback and invite people, especially Mozillians, to take a look at the workshop contents.

One of the key outcomes from the discussing the priorities is the selection of new Priority Cities. These are cities that would get special attention in terms of supporting events, Reps, and building community on those cities. The new priority cities are:

  • Portland, Oregon
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Utah (No specific city)

The main criteria for selecting those cities were Mozilla’s presence, current activity in the locale, presence of Reps and Mozillians, and feasibility of travel for each Rep (if needed to mobilize to the city).

The rest the day was spent on action items pertaining to the community websites and strengthening group structure and processes (although not much time was allotted for the latter topic).

We concluded the day by agreeing that the next meetup will be in Portland again in September 2014. The details are not final, but it gives the group a sense of continuity and motivation to show progress in the next six months.

To close things off, I’d like to specifically thank Benjamin Kerensa, William Reynolds, Emma Irwin, Majken Connor, Lukas Blakk ,and Chistie Koehler for taking care of the key parts of the meetup, like logistics, facilitation, and the little things that ensure the meetup is great for everyone.

Massive props to all the Reps who joined the meetup. If you take a look at our group photo in the last meetup, we were a much smaller group. Here’s the group selfie (we barely fit an elevator now!):

I’m definitely looking forward to the next six months with a larger core group of Mozilla Reps in North America.

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