Why Should Your Child Learn to Code?

To prepare humanity for the next 100 years, we need more of our children to learn computer programming skills, regardless of their future profession. Along with reading and writing, the ability to program is going to define what an educated person is. – Sal Khan, Founder, Khan Academy {1}

As computers continue to be essential in nearly all aspects of our world, the demand for those who understand how they work will increase. This directly affects how you should be preparing your children for their lives and future careers.

The American Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasted that 400,000 students will graduate with a computer science degree in 2015 and by that time, the demand for jobs in relevant fields will be 1.4 million. The report showed that 84% of the parents in the study acknowledged that computer science subjects are required in primary and secondary education. Nowhere is this truer than in Austin, where the high-tech sector is a significant contributor to our local economy, total job growth, and especially average salary growth.

In the next decade, computer science will become synonymous with learning a second language in school, except that programming touches every industry globally. Unlike Spanish and French, which is spoken regionally, computer science is a universal language. As we become a more technologized society there will be an insatiable demand for people who know how to write software. Computer science classes in high school will enable your child to do the unthinkable, change the world, and provide tremendous value to others. Who knows, your child might have his/her own revenue generating company before he or she is 18! They could even become the next Mark Zuckerberg!

Coding is the language of the future and perfect for kids that like:

  • Programming and problem solving
  • Collaboration and innovation
  • To understand the systems and technology the world relies on
  • To formulate, analyze, and solve problems
  • The languages computers use to communicate and solve problems

Join us for an invite only day of fun and learning at our company headquarters in Austin, TX.  You will meet key executives at Code Galaxy and get an inside glimpse of our education program, marketing and business systems. You will be given a hands-on tour of a Computer Coding Franchise and meet with a Code Galaxy Center director.  

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