Why Do You Need Business Cards?

A business card is one of those small things that can contribute so very much to the success of your Calgary business. At first glance, the world has gone completely “digital” with smartphones everywhere and messages flying back and forth via the internet. But nothing replaces business cards Calgary businesses have found. A business card is a personal touch at the end of a business meeting or even a casual conversation. It is the “take home” item that does not disappear when the person turns off WhatsApp on their mobile device or gets deleted when someone cleans out their email folders. At Calgary Economy Printers we print business cards Calgary businesses use to leave a lasting memory of a first meeting and an excellent first impression of the business.

What Kind of Business Card Does Your Calgary Business Need?

At Calgary Economy Printers we are always happy to print basic business cards with black print on a white or off-white background. These never go out of style and your contact information will always be right there for a potential client to call or email when they have a question. We can do the cheap business cards Calgary businesses need to make a good first impression but cheap only refers to the price you pay at Calgary Economy Printers and not to the quality of the print Calgary stock or the printing!

However, many times the business cards Calgary business people prefer are those that are unique, memorable, and even beautiful. When you hand out a laminated business card your client knows that you want him or her to have that card forever and that you will be available to help with their business needs for a long, long time. At Calgary Economy Printers we provide a wide range of cards, impressive artwork in full color, cards that glow under a blacklight, plastic business cards, metal foil cards, and even cards with rounded corners.

We have years of experience printing the business cards Calgary uses most effectively so we can give you good advice about the “look” that you want for your business card and the information that you need to include on it. Some businesses like banks, accountants, funeral homes, and others simply require a basic black on a white card due to the formal nature of their businesses. But, a flower shop, musical group, or virtually any other business can be a lot more creative. When that is the case, we will be pleased to show you cheap business cards Calgary businesses use with success. And, as we have already noted, cheap refers to the price and not to the quality of the work.

Business Cards Calgary
Business Cards Calgary

What Information Should Your Calgary Business Cards Include?

There was a time when your business card carried your name, business name, office address, and phone number. Although you use your business card to create a strong, first impression and personal touch, you need to include all of the “digital” contact information on your business cards Calgary clients will keep. If your business has an eye-catching logo, include it on your business card. And, you will want all of the necessary contact information for mobile phone(s), email address (es), fax, and your website address. Folks who market and otherwise communicate with clients using Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn will want those displayed as well.

One concern with so much information to display is that the card becomes rather crowded with text. When this becomes an issue, we remind you that your business card has two sides. There is an art to creating business cards Calgary clients will be impressed with and ones that they will use to contact you. Talk to us at Calgary Economy Printers for ideas about how your card can make an impression and how it can be a store of information for the client’s later use.

Business Cards: the Cheap and Portable Marketing Tool

Technology has not yet advanced to where you can play a video on the back of your business card but you can print a link to a YouTube video featuring your business or a complementary article in the Calgary Herald. If your business has a catchy slogan or logo that helps sell your products and services, make sure it is prominently displayed on your business cards. In short, the cheap business cards Calgary clients receive can help sell your products and services and not just function as a method of easy contact.

How Many Business Cards Should You Order?

To get the best price when you are going to print business cards Calgary clients will receive, you will want larger quantities in order to reduce the price per card. However, there are several factors to consider. If your business is growing you may change your office location. Of you may start marketing in social media or finally put up your business website. You do not want to be handing out cards that you repeatedly need to add information to. So, consider a quantity that will last for a few months instead of for a few years.

Also, some businesses simply use more business cards than others. If your number of business contacts skyrockets during the Calgary Stampede or when you travel to Toronto or Montreal for conferences, you will want much larger quantities of this economical device for making a great impression and leaving a lasting memory. Some folks can go through a thousand cards in a busy month. When you get the business cards Calgary loves at Calgary Economy Printers, we will keep your design, artwork, and necessary information on file so that you can make changes to your business card as needed but won’t need to repeat the design process from scratch.

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