Tank Blanketing Valve Useful Features And Applications

Tank blanketing valves are designed specifically for use in industrial ammonia and large commercial refrigeration systems. These rugged valves are a strong, reliable component for modern industrial refrigeration applications and are suitable for liquid, suction, hot gas, discharge, recirculating liquid or oil lines. Tank blanketing valves come in threaded, socket weld, or butt weld connection styles. Sizes range from 3/8″ to 16″ (20 mm to 400 mm).

tank blanketing valves

Tank Blanketing Valves Features:

  • Leak-free, stem sealing with dual-seal
  • Stainless steel stems
  • Reliable Teflon seat discs (no lead)
  • Ball bearing seat swivel
  • Dirt-resistant taper (conical) seat
  • Back-seating design
  • Handwheels and seal caps are interchangeable
  • The Hansen Oil Temperature Valve (HOTV) accurately controls the oil temperature of screw compressors or other oil-cooling circuits within appropriate design parameters.

Tank blanketing valves that operates with the use of an internal thermostatic element.  As oil is circulated through the screw compressor, it picks up heat from the compressor.  The hot oil is circulated past the thermostatic element inside the tank blanketing valves and it is also fed to a heat exchange, which provides cold oil to the opposite side of the valve.  The thermostatic element modulates the flow of oil from the cold oil port and the hot oil port to maintain a temperature range ±10°F (±5.6°C) of the nominal temperature setting at the outlet.

Ekotech present heavy-duty, flanged, Gas-Powered Suction-Stop (HCK2) and Solenoid Valves (HS9B) are direct acting. Because they are gas powered, both are ideal for closure during defrost or very low temperature suction stop. These tank blanketing valves have a low pressure drop, oversized ports, and ductile iron or steel bodies. Valves remain open via a spring until closed by a high-pressure gas source. For type HCK2, bleed is past the piston; for type HS9B, bleed is via remote piping and a pilot solenoid valve. Available 1 1/4″ through 6″ (32 mm to 150 mm) port sizes.


These valves are ideally suited for low-temperature applications to positively close suction lines, liquid overfeed, and flooded evaporator gas return lines, as well as gravity liquid and gas lines for defrosting. They are also ideal in place of suction solenoid valves where lower pressure drop is required. Because they are gas powered, these valves operate reliably at low temperatures and even under viscous oil conditions.

Ekotech offers the same reliable design and function in its HOTW model with the hot oil and cold oil inlet ports in the opposite positions, for particular piping arrangements where this would be more suitable.

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