Protein Shake Can Be Used as a Meal Replacement

A protein shake is not exactly a new product on the market these days, as these types of shakes have been around for the past few decades. However, the science behind the protein shakes has improved significantly in the past years, allowing for the development of products that can deliver not only proteins to the body, but also other nutritional elements that it needs like the essential vitamins and minerals. Since the main reason why someone purchases a meal replacement shake is to lose some weight, it is therefore important that the shake they’re using is free of ingredients that can interfere with  weight loss.

protein shakes
protein shakes

What Ingredients Should be Avoided in a Protein Shake

Good quality shakes, such as those sold by ion-x, have been carefully formulated to avoid the inclusion of potentially harmful elements in the product. The ion-x shake is low in sodium, in fat as well as in carbohydrates. It has just 75 mg of sodium, 7 g of carbs and less than 1 g of fat. It’s low on sugar too, with less than 1 g of sugar in each serving. Many other competing products use sugar to mask a bitter taste that their products would have without it, but the Shakes sold by ion-x do not need to use sugar to achieve a good taste.

In a protein shake, the proteins themselves often come from soy. There has been some debate recently over the effects on the body of genetically modified soy products. But when you use the ion-x protein shake, you don’t need to worry about this issue, as all the soy that is used in their products comes from non genetically modified sources. This reduces the likelihood of heart or thyroid problems that were previously reported with GMO soy.

Getting in Shape Needs More than a Protein Shake

While a high quality protein shake can definitely be of a great help for those who want to get back into shape and lose a lot of excess weight, using protein shakes by themselves isn’t the optimal solution. In addition to replacing a meal each day with a protein shake instead, one must be careful to watch the “regular” food that they eat at other times in the day. For those who have several pounds to lose, avoiding processed foods, food that is high in fat, food that contains large amounts of sugar, as well as many types of fast food can bring positive effects.

You also need to remain physically active throughout your life if your goal is to have a body that is fit. Those who aren’t used to doing exercise every day should start out by doing a bit of regular physical activity and incorporating it into their daily schedule. For example, walking for 20 minutes each day is already a good beginning. By replacing a meal a day with one protein shake with milk or water from ion-x, you can make reaching your weight loss goals one step closer to reality.


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