Chemical Contract Manufacturing With Chemical Solutions

Chemical Contract Manufacturing That Is Cost-Effective

As one of Australia’s leading chemical contract manufacturing services, we provide a great range of services that can be used strategically, offering businesses significant cost-savings and quality products. In addition to utilising our experience with dangerous goods handling, we have the experience, the technology, and the facilities to proceed with chemical contract manufacturing tasks for a diverse range of practical applications, offering cost-effective approaches to chemical repacking and all our core services.

Whether you require one or more aspects of our service offering, be assured that our commitment to exceptional quality runs through every department, ensuring that your products are tested to meet custom requirements. Every industry has its own specifications, which is why we work closely with you to determine precisely what your business needs to receive the full benefit of utilising our toll manufacturing expertise.

While other businesses may offer some of the contract chemical packaging services that we engage in, they may not have access to the same state-of-the-art machinery and industry knowledge that makes our operations suited for improved speed-to-market. To learn more about our service packages, speak with the team at Chemical Solutions.

contract manufacturing services
contract manufacturing services

Chemical Crushing Service

We have the facilities, the equipment, and the mechanical advantage to perform a chemical crushing service to crush the hardened particles and restore to their original form so that you can then manufacture, store or repack accordingly.

Australian Putty Manufacturer

There are so many industrial applications for something as diverse as gel and paste. We are an Australian putty manufacturer who can work with you to determine the best mix of raw materials and manufacturing processes to deliver products that are tested and quality assured.

Sieving and Filtering

Attention to detail is crucial when adding value to your products. Our trained and experienced personnel operate in a modern facility and use specialised machinery. We follow stringent methodologies and processes to ensure that you benefit from our sieving and filtering services.

Chemical Repacking

We have the capacity and capability to aid both smaller and bigger manufacturers when they require assistance in chemical repacking so that they can run a more efficient and successful operation.

Contract Chemical Packaging

Chemical Solutions can repack liquids and powders from any package for bulk carriers of dangerous/hazardous substances. Our capability and long experience in handling dangerous goods makes us an ideal choice for your contract chemical packaging needs.

Powder Blending Services

We currently manufacture custom chemicals and can also perform custom toll blending for a variety of industries including agriculture, construction, and industrial cleaning. We produce powder blending services based on our customers’ individual requirements and specifications and can assist in the development of new formulations.

Be Smart About Your Chemical Contract Manufacturing

Take advantage of our cost-effective chemical contract manufacturing services. Choose from one or more niche services to add value to your products. Call 1300 708 558 or contact us online for a quote.


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