Here Are Ways To Sign Refurbishment Better

Sign refurbishment is a proven way to revitalize your business, increase exposure, and reinsert your name into the minds of passersby.

Big Wheels Sign Refurbishment

Big Wheels workshop at Eagle Farm recently underwent a sign refurbishment. As the below photos show, the signage and workshop was starting to look a little weary. Painted walls and facades had faded, and the signs were dull and lifeless.

In March 2009, the original signage and painting was done. Big Wheels logos were hand painted and lasted well. It was decided, this time, that the signage would be done as cut out aluminium composite material (ACM)
Cut out factory-colored ACM will last longer than digitally printed graphics and sign written signs. ACM is cheaper for the owner compared to sign written signs. And more vibrant than digitally printed and painted signs.
On a warm Saturday morning, the building was cleaned down with a high pressure water blaster, and the painting of the building was completed with an airless spray plant later that day.
Once the cut out logos were installed, on the Monday, the workshop looked brand new. No trading time was lost as the majority of the work was completed over a weekend.

Blockbuster Example

Every five to seven years, Blockbuster Video used to refurbish their signs. Profit would always increase after the refurbishment by about 20%. People who had lived in the area for some time, would come in and ask how long Blockbuster had been there, as they had never noticed it!
People are creatures of habit and routine, and unless you offer them something new or different, things are often missed. A new sign, refurbishment of an old sign, or a lick of paint can often be all it takes to boost visibility, and increase sales.

Sign Age have trade qualified sign writes, all the equipment, and the knowledge and skills required to refurbish your Brisbane signs and increase your business exposure.


Quick Tips For Tractor Contractor

Tractors are one of the most useful types of equipment for a wide range of industries, including the agricultural and construction industries. The invention and evolution of tractors changed the way people work on their farmlands, relocate various industrial products and goods, make the landscape of the property yard, and much more.

Tractors have enhanced the efficiency of many industries and significantly reduced the operational expenses and the need for humanitarian efforts. The farming sector is the biggest beneficiary of tractors as the equipment helped make farming more profitable and controllable. You can conclude that the invention of the tractor paved the way to food security in many countries around the globe.

While these are the primary benefits of tractors, it also created some new opportunities in the business perspective. Offering various kinds of services using tractors is a great option if you want to step into business services at minimal capital expenditure.

Do you have some tractors and searching for possibilities to earn some income out of it? Are you searching for new business ideas in the farming, construction, or wood industries? Are you crazy about different types of tractors and want to do business using tractors?

Let’s discuss some business ideas in which you can use tractors for earning an excellent income.

Lease Out The Tractors

It’s one of the easiest business options without the need for large offices or intense advertisement campaigns. You can rent out your tractors in your city or locality with or without operators. In addition to individual customers, you can also find many corporate customers who want to preserve their working capital without spending that on purchasing tractors.

Be it an excavator, dozer, or lawnmower, people across Australia search on the internet, look for local newspaper ads, or ask their friends and relatives for quality, affordable tractor rental services. If you can satisfy their needs with your equipment, you’re going to make money from it.

Once you have bought tractors and established your business, you can start reaching out to your potential customers. You can put advertisements in local newspapers [1] , post your services on social media platforms, and create your website to bring your services in front of your potential customers.

Social media is an effective and cheap option to reach out to your customers. You can post the details of your services, including images of the tractors, the rental amount per hour, specifications of your tractors, and terms and conditions of the services on the social media pages of your business. You can target the social media pages of the local community groups and let them know about your services.

You can also publish your services on local marketplace websites with detailed images of your tractors and other critical information that can help your potential customers to choose your service.

For instance, Gumtree, a leading marketplace business listing website, allows businesses to list their products and services on its platform. You can post your services on the site with detailed information, such as the areas you serve, the rate of the services, the procedure for leasing, contact information, and other information. Therefore, your potential customers can connect with you by phone or through your business website.

However, many people aren’t well versed in using computers and smartphones. Therefore, you can also put advertisements on local newspapers to attract such people.

Lawn Maintenance Services

If you have some lawn maintenance tractors, this business [2] option is ideal for you. You can offer various lawn maintenance services, including lawn mowing, leaf removal, weed killing, hedge trimming, and more, in your area.

You can buy additional tools and equipment for providing comprehensive yard maintenance services. In Australia, you can choose hundreds of commercial lawn mowers or commercial ride on lawn mowers Sydney with excellent cutting width and advanced features. It helps you to complete mowing an acre of lawn in less than ten minutes.

By choosing commercial lawn mowers or commercial riding mowers, you can target both businesses and residences in your area. It can make you expand your service portfolio and grow your business with quality and professional services.

Since yard maintenance is a recurring job, your quality of service and the value you provide to your customers become the prime factors for the success of your business. You can utilise multiple channels, including websites, social media pages, local ads, marketplace listing, and more to connect with your potential customers.

Earthmoving Services

If you have the machinery, earthmoving is a great option for with minimal people. Do you know most earthmoving service providers in Victoria and NSW are family-run businesses with less than ten employees – mostly family members of those business owners?

You can offer earthmoving services to individual customers, commercial clients, industrial players, and governmental organisations. Under earthmoving, you can offer a range of services, including demolition services, excavations, site clearing and preparations, civil works, rock hire services, and more.

There are several success stories in which individuals and families tasted great success with their earthmoving services.

For instance, the success of Scott Stewart Earthmoving Pty Ltd established by Scott and Jillian Stewart is a truly inspirational story. The family-owned business based in Moree, NSW, currently employs five people and provides services across the state. They began with half a tractor, and now, they take contracts worth over a few million.

Earthmoving is a great option if you can give high-quality, cost-effective services combined with professionalism and commitment.

Landscaping Services

Landscaping can be considered as an extension of earthmoving services. However, it needs advanced landscaping knowledge, creativity, and passion for offering unique services. If you can work along with your customers and create what they visualise into a reality, this business is for you.

You should note that your tractor is an important tool to make your landscaping jobs easy and make them affordable to your customers. But, it’s not all about your equipment, and you should have skilled labourers, an innovative mind searching for new ideas, and knowledge of the latest trends in the landscaping ecosystem.

Compared to other services, landscaping is one of the most promising businesses that have customers throughout the year. You can offer a range of services according to your expertise in landscaping.

It includes pool coping, paving, fencing, creating water features, tree and shrub plantation, vertical gardens, edging, garden lighting, and much more. While some of these services largely depend on tractors, a few need minimal tractor work.

It’s the best business choice for people who want to do something challenging and make a difference with their services.

 Land Clearing Services

For various reasons, individuals and businesses in Australia need land clearing services. It’s the removal of trees, shrubs, stumps, stones, and other obstacles to make the land ready for its intended purposes. Most of the land clearings are for cultivation, building commercial and residential properties, and making infrastructure such as roads, canals, etc.

Land clearing services include levelling of the land as well. If your customers want the land prepared for agriculture, you might also want to do liming.

You should have different types of equipment such as forestry mowers, tub grinders for clearing thick vegetation and large trees, wood chippers, and large excavators.

If you can offer quick, efficient land clearing services at affordable prices, the service is suitable for you. Note that you can target property owners, businesses, public departments, and governmental organisations in your city and suburbs.

You should ensure that you offer comprehensive services to your customers with minimal fuss. Most land clearing services need council approval before starting the job. Similarly, you should often require to do a pre-work safety assessment to ensure hassle-free work completion.

Regardless of the service you provide, focus on providing transparent service experience to your customers. You can also provide a detailed upfront quote for your services to give smooth service experience. It can help you to create a long-lasting relationship with your customers and make a reputation in the industry.

Construction Services

Tractors are an integral part of all construction projects, and you can use your tractors for making money by offering services to the construction industry. If you have the expertise to complete various complex jobs of the construction sector, you can provide holistic services.

However, many people don’t have the expertise to complete complex services. They can offer specific services such as digging for construction, moving sand and gravel, drilling for water and electric lines, and much more. If your tractors feature loaders, you can use it to transport building products, lifting roof materials, and more.

You can also mount large dump carts to your tractors and quickly remove the construction debris to make the construction services more efficient.

You can work with large construction contractors and ensure regular work while targeting individual customers.


How Do I Choose A Moving Company In Edmonton?

Whether you are moving a piano, stove, or refrigerator, or moving your entire household, moving can be an ordeal or it can be as easy as picking from the moving companies Edmonton has to offer. Helping Hands Family Movers is one of the best appliance movers Edmonton has and is always available for moving single bulky items like the piano you just bought at an estate sale. For mini movers, Edmonton has no better than Helping Hands Family Movers. And, for long distance moving companies, talk to us at Helping Hands Family Movers. We can manage your move across town or anywhere in the province of Alberta. Of the moving companies Edmonton offers, one stands out for integrity, reliability, excellent service, and fair prices. Choose the company with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for their track record of safeguarding client belongings and personal information, honest business dealings, and trust in the Edmonton community. Choose from the best moving companies Edmonton offers, Helping Hands Family Moving. If you are getting ready for a move, here are some thoughts about what you need and what you need to do.

Getting Ready for a Move

Before even choosing from the affordable Edmonton movers near me has, there are a few things to do that will make the whole process go a lot smoother.

Clean House

Before any home moves, Edmonton residents should start the process by cleaning the house. A good friend of ours retired from military service and was moved back from Europe where he had been stationed with NATO. The German moving company applied their usual Teutonic thoroughness in packing up everything, including the trash under the kitchen sink, and made sure it was delivered with everything else to his new home in Edmonton!

The point of this little example is that you do not want to pay for moving things that you will probably throw away next year anyway. If they clean house before home moves Edmonton homeowners not only save on moving expenses but arrive at their new home with a lot less clutter weighing them down! Before looking for moving companies Edmonton homeowners need to host a garage sale make a few trips to donate things to a local charity.


Starting at least two months before moving, make a list including all subscriptions, organizations, and people who should be notified of your move. Get a change of address form from the postal service. Make sure that your bank, insurance agent, doctor, veterinarian, friends, and family all know when you are moving and your new address.

Cancelling and Reordering

Another list you should make will include providers of utilities and other services such as your gas, electric, water, internet, cable, and telephone providers. Make sure to include services such as window cleaning, lawn care, and pest control so that you will not continue paying for services at your soon-to-be old address.

Labeling and the Essentials Box

As the move draws near, take the time to segregate important things that you will need right away, do not want out of your sight, or are of such monetary or sentimental value that you want to take them by hand to your new home. Everything that you pack before the movers show up should be accurately labeled. Otherwise, you will spend hours on the receiving end looking through every box for a single necessary item. An “essentials box” should be packed and set aside before the movers arrive to start their packing. And you need to make sure to tell the movers to put that box where you can easily find it in your new home!

Essentials Box

  • Map of the new area
  • Medications and eyeglasses
  • Aspirin or pain reliever
  • Toilet paper
  • Toiletries (soap, shampoo, razors, etc.)
  • Snacks
  • Disposable plates, cups, and eating utensils
  • Coffee maker or instant coffee and tea
  • Box cutter or knife
  • Alarm clock
  • Extension cords and batteries
  • Bedding and linens
  • Change of clothes
  • First-aid kit
  • Basic cleaning supplies and paper towels
  • Flashlights
  • Garbage bags
  • Plastic trash bags
  • Work gloves
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver and hammer
  • Light bulbs
  • Pet supplies
  • Toys and games for the kids
  • Shower curtain and towels
  • Tape and dispenser

Things Not to Pack

The moving companies Edmonton has will not pack and move certain items. These include combustibles like lighter fluid, gasoline, paint thinner or pesticides. For a short move across town, you can take these in your car (with the windows rolled down) or make a gift of them to your neighbor.

Article Source

Selecting from the Moving Companies Edmonton Offers

As you are organizing, getting rid of junk, and making sure that your mail will be forwarded to your new address, you should start thinking about the affordable moving companies Edmonton has, the long distance moving companies Edmonton offers, or the mini movers Edmonton lists, all depending on the nature of your move. Check around and you will find out who does just does just local moves and who the long distance moving companies are. Make a short list and then focus on finding someone who is available when you need them, who will be easier to work with, who are the affordable moving companies Edmonton has for your kind of move, and who will come out and give you a written estimate of what the move will cost.

Helping Hands Family Movers Are Your Best Choice

At Helping Hand Family Movers we have been moving families and businesses in the Edmonton area and throughout all of Alberta for a decade. Our high level of service has given us a strong reputation that brings more business to our door. If you would like references from past customers we are happy to supply them. We have an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau based on our honest dealings and integrity. Of the appliance movers Edmonton has to offer, the long distance moving companies, and the most affordable moving companies Edmonton boasts, we will always be your best choice to get the job done on time, without fuss, and at a fair price.


Why Do You Need Business Cards?

A business card is one of those small things that can contribute so very much to the success of your Calgary business. At first glance, the world has gone completely “digital” with smartphones everywhere and messages flying back and forth via the internet. But nothing replaces business cards Calgary businesses have found. A business card is a personal touch at the end of a business meeting or even a casual conversation. It is the “take home” item that does not disappear when the person turns off WhatsApp on their mobile device or gets deleted when someone cleans out their email folders. At Calgary Economy Printers we print business cards Calgary businesses use to leave a lasting memory of a first meeting and an excellent first impression of the business.

What Kind of Business Card Does Your Calgary Business Need?

At Calgary Economy Printers we are always happy to print basic business cards with black print on a white or off-white background. These never go out of style and your contact information will always be right there for a potential client to call or email when they have a question. We can do the cheap business cards Calgary businesses need to make a good first impression but cheap only refers to the price you pay at Calgary Economy Printers and not to the quality of the print Calgary stock or the printing!

However, many times the business cards Calgary business people prefer are those that are unique, memorable, and even beautiful. When you hand out a laminated business card your client knows that you want him or her to have that card forever and that you will be available to help with their business needs for a long, long time. At Calgary Economy Printers we provide a wide range of cards, impressive artwork in full color, cards that glow under a blacklight, plastic business cards, metal foil cards, and even cards with rounded corners.

We have years of experience printing the business cards Calgary uses most effectively so we can give you good advice about the “look” that you want for your business card and the information that you need to include on it. Some businesses like banks, accountants, funeral homes, and others simply require a basic black on a white card due to the formal nature of their businesses. But, a flower shop, musical group, or virtually any other business can be a lot more creative. When that is the case, we will be pleased to show you cheap business cards Calgary businesses use with success. And, as we have already noted, cheap refers to the price and not to the quality of the work.

Business Cards Calgary
Business Cards Calgary

What Information Should Your Calgary Business Cards Include?

There was a time when your business card carried your name, business name, office address, and phone number. Although you use your business card to create a strong, first impression and personal touch, you need to include all of the “digital” contact information on your business cards Calgary clients will keep. If your business has an eye-catching logo, include it on your business card. And, you will want all of the necessary contact information for mobile phone(s), email address (es), fax, and your website address. Folks who market and otherwise communicate with clients using Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn will want those displayed as well.

One concern with so much information to display is that the card becomes rather crowded with text. When this becomes an issue, we remind you that your business card has two sides. There is an art to creating business cards Calgary clients will be impressed with and ones that they will use to contact you. Talk to us at Calgary Economy Printers for ideas about how your card can make an impression and how it can be a store of information for the client’s later use.

Business Cards: the Cheap and Portable Marketing Tool

Technology has not yet advanced to where you can play a video on the back of your business card but you can print a link to a YouTube video featuring your business or a complementary article in the Calgary Herald. If your business has a catchy slogan or logo that helps sell your products and services, make sure it is prominently displayed on your business cards. In short, the cheap business cards Calgary clients receive can help sell your products and services and not just function as a method of easy contact.

How Many Business Cards Should You Order?

To get the best price when you are going to print business cards Calgary clients will receive, you will want larger quantities in order to reduce the price per card. However, there are several factors to consider. If your business is growing you may change your office location. Of you may start marketing in social media or finally put up your business website. You do not want to be handing out cards that you repeatedly need to add information to. So, consider a quantity that will last for a few months instead of for a few years.

Also, some businesses simply use more business cards than others. If your number of business contacts skyrockets during the Calgary Stampede or when you travel to Toronto or Montreal for conferences, you will want much larger quantities of this economical device for making a great impression and leaving a lasting memory. Some folks can go through a thousand cards in a busy month. When you get the business cards Calgary loves at Calgary Economy Printers, we will keep your design, artwork, and necessary information on file so that you can make changes to your business card as needed but won’t need to repeat the design process from scratch.

Home and Improvement

Everything About Calgary Landscaping

Many have heard the term “landscaping” but not everyone fully understands all the details that go behind actually landscaping a Calgary yard.

Often times, the first thing that comes to someone’s head is tree and shrub planting with pretty green grass.

While this is true, Calgary Landscaping is more than just planting a garden bed.

Real landscape architecture is so much more than that.

I always try to stress that it’s not just about building a patio or a deck for someone’s backyard. There is a much deeper meaning to proper exterior design and construction.

Like anything, landscaping in Calgary is a discipline in constant fluctuation, redefining its role with and relationship to similar disciplines of thought.

Over the last few decades, it has become quite apparent that residential landscaping has emerged as a field for enhanced user experiences.

Landscaping ideas in detailed landscape designs have gone further for residential markets than ever before. I mean, really, a putting green, a beach, a kitchen and a fireplace to name a few, in your very backyard? Wow.

Calgary landscape contractors as a whole has emerged as a reaction to the changing world; and for outdoor living to contribute anything of value to the future of residential inhabitants, it needs to be contextualized within the larger framework of which it is a part of.

In this article, I want to break down, in detail, the different facets of landscaping in Calgary by talking about the 5 Ws: what, who, why, where and when.

By doing this, I will hopefully be able to illustrate the different elements that we as creative landscaper North Brisbane involve ourselves in.

Landscaping is quite simply the manipulation, addition or subtraction of the land to acquire a specific form and function, in terms of outdoor living and space usability.

All of which is often by a commercial or residential landscaping services company.

This can be done through different “types” of landscaping: hardscaping, softscaping and/or a variety of different Outdoor features.

Check out this Pictograph below to get an idea of the different types of landscaping:

Hardscaping includes decks, patios, retaining walls and concrete. Often times, companies in Calgary will make this the focal point of your backyard.

Softscaping includes trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, sod and groundcover such as bark mulch and/or decorative rock.

Outdoor features are usually the ‘icing on the cake’, and that can include outdoor kitchens, concrete curbing, artificial grass, outdoor water features and/or landscape lighting – all to achieve a particular look and feel for your space.

By manipulating the existing terrain of the land in conjunction with the elements mentioned above, we as Calgary landscaping experts are hoping to achieve the desired look and feel to your front or backyard.

By realizing fully what these features can do for your yard, you have to understand that there is a more complex process occurring in our mind.

There is a growing body of literature that demonstrates the importance of the exterior environment – the landscape – to people’s social and cognitive development.

Interaction with nature is something that is often overlooked in this age of social media, television and of course: the internet.

By investing in the outdoor environment for your yard, you’re investing in yourself, and your family’s well-being. That patio or deck that you are having installed is more than just a place to eat – it’s a place to release the inner tensions and stresses and take in the fresh natural surroundings of this beautiful city we live in, called Calgary, Alberta.

So what is landscaping? The question rather ought to be: what should landscaping be?

And the answer should be a detailed plan and execution of outdoor living spaces and/or elements so to achieve particular environmental, ecological and/or social utopias in the most thoroughly aesthetic way for a given area.

There are many qualified and professional landscaping companies in Calgary that provide their clients with amazing residential landscaping services, but let’s dive deep into answering the question of “what do landscapers do?”

Landscape designers and Calgary landscape contractors are often company owners that either do the job themselves or employ people (whether in-house or through sub-contracting) that have expertise in the different facets of landscaping; such as site grading, hardscape installations, gardening or simply designing – ie. Coming up with awesome ideas.

Landscape designers, in general, have been steadily bringing about new concepts and possibilities for the role of outdoor living environments, where landscape as a ‘visual image’ is substituted by spatial and sequential forms, thus allowing for innovative ways of seeing, describing and experiencing the natural environment.

By doing this, the best landscape designers and contractors are accentuating performance and event over appearance – which in turn, transforms the visual perspective in which it is constructed; ie. Appearance.

It’s a beautiful paradox when landscaping contractors know what they are doing from a construction standpoint but are unable to demonstrate their skill-set in a thought out profound manner.

You will see this in ten-folds when you look at various neighbourhoods in this city.

Why do we need quality landscaping in Calgary?

Landscaping in Calgary is important for two main reasons: aesthetics and functionality.

If you’ve ever been to a yard that has weeds growing everywhere, garbage and debris complied and dead plant material or worn out decks – you know why aesthetics matter.

It’s always a good idea to invest in your residential landscaping for many reasons, the two most being increased property value and the second: built-in first impressions when people approach or pass your home.

More and more today, people are valuing outdoor living in hopes to capture a glimpse of their natural surrounding because by making your backyard aesthetically pleasing, you are enticing yourself to go outside and soak in that natural environment.

Functionality also plays an important role. Usable space becomes the sole purpose of your outdoor experience and enjoyment. After all, what good is a pretty picture from your kitchen window if it’s not giving you a reason to go outside and experience it every day?

This understanding of landscaping as part of a larger, operative system in Calgary is imperative. The concept of landscaping as a process – dynamic and operational (or functional) versus Calgary landscaping as a set of elemental scenes connected together – is why we need more quality landscaping projects in our city.

By understanding the impact of outdoor living, you can gain a sense of why we need quality landscaping in our city.

Where does quality residential landscaping happen?

Landscaping happens everywhere.Look outside.

From a small front yard to a large stadium complex, landscaping in Calgary happens in large commercial settings and in the smallest residential locales.

It is the glue that brings our architectural world together.

It occurs in macro scales of city planning and urbanism to a Calgary resident’s garden bed; therefore, by seeing landscaping theory in action, we are able to pay closer attention to how landscaping companies are connecting us to our homes and more importantly, how they are bringing value to what already exists around us.

One way to know where quality workmanship is occurring is going online and looking at Calgary landscaping company reviews. By looking at company reviews and testimonials, you can gain a strong understanding of client experiences.

Don’t just look for quantitative reviews. Look for qualitative reviews and testimonials – this will tell you which company or contractor is providing an in-depth analysis of landscaping projects.

When to know it’s time to be hiring a landscaper?

If you’ve bought a new home in Calgary, chances are that you are in need of a landscape contractor to come and give you professional advice for space.

If you have an existing home and don’t like what you see when you look at your backyard or front yard, you need to think about investing in improving the yard.

If you can’t go outside to enjoy your yard, or worse, unable to because of land issues such as drainage problems or because of a steep slope; it’s in your best interest to call a qualified landscape designer to come and help you with proposing landscape design ideas for your Calgary yard.

But more than just looking at your yard, look within yourself and at your natural surroundings.

How can you enhance your quality of living when you have an outdoor space filled with potential?

In Calgary, we have to take advantage of the small summer season and really seek to spend that short time outside to reap the benefits Mother Nature provides.

Your project doesn’t have to be an extravagant yard with a hefty price tag. There are some amazing affordable landscaping solutions for front yards and backyards.

In fact, I often maintain to certain clients with certain yards that they don’t need the elements they may think they need, but rather, given the space/scale and the situation for each of my clients; the job often calls for something very simple and subtle – and at rare times: nothing at all.

To get this honest opinion when you know you need work on your property, you have to contact the right company to come and take a look and give you professional advice.

Final thoughts on quality Calgary landscaping

To get the best value for your dollar, you need an artist to design and construct your project – things change on site, its normal – but if you have a knowledgeable landscaper working on your project you know they will make the best decision on site for your yard.

Much of landscape design and landscape construction resides in its claim to dissolve the boundaries between architecture, land formation and the escape from everyday life.

Without this, landscaping companies cannot continue to push boundaries in residential landscaping and innovate creative escapes for its inhabitants that bring peace and tranquillity to their already busy lives.

Demand perfection from your landscape contractor.

Demand artistic intelligence and careful planning from your landscape designer.

By doing this, you are ensuring that the money you spend on your backyard escape is of immense value; thus reinforcing the fact that your biggest investment – your Calgary home – has deep intrinsic property value.

Calgary landscaping has come a long way and will continue to grow.

It’s the job of quality landscaping companies to ensure this and by doing so, will be around for a long time creating beautiful outdoor living spaces for home-owners, thus becoming a strong backbone to our wonderful city!


What is a Pillow Bearing Housings?

One-Piece Pedestal Housings

Designed to carry a modern high capacity spherical roller bearing, the unit is cast in one piece with separate end covers.  The housing is designed for strength and durability and is most commonly used in high energy and shock applications were a split Plummer block unit will be limited in strength.

Design features include four bolt foot mounting, a strengthening rib around the center of the housing and availability of cast steel or good quality grey iron. Centre heights are generally interchangeable with split blocks for substitution purposes.

The range of housings accommodate shafts from 40mm to 150mm with any combination of through shaft or blank end cover and parallel or taper bore bearings. The units can be set up as locating or floating assemblies as required.

The pedestal housing is provided with felt seals as standard for operation with peripheral speeds of up to 4m/s.  For higher speeds and for extreme protection, labyrinth seals can be provided.

The housings are designed for grease lubrication.  Metal Form Group are happy to provide greasing recommendations and maintenance instructions.

Tubular Housings

The Tubular Housing is a one-piece unit, integrating shaft, housing and two bearings which dispenses with the need for two separate Plummer blocks and bearings with adapter sleeve assemblies.  The unit is delivered assembled and pre-lubricated ready to install.  Most commonly used in fan applications, the units are also used in pumps, circular saws and transmissions.

Integrating modern deep-groove ball bearings guarantees high rotational accuracy and the units accommodate high levels of radial and thrust load with low friction and long grease life.  Both installation and operating costs are significantly reduced from a two housing installation.

Integral labyrinth sealing ensures cleanliness and allows operation at very high speeds (up to 15000 rpm dependent on size).  Sealed ball bearings can be fitted on request to dispense with the need to regrease.

Bearing combinations incorporating angular contact ball bearings or a ball bearing and cylindrical roller bearing can be fitted to accommodate extreme thrust and radial loads respectively.  Contact us to carry out a load analysis.

Shaft diameters are available from 18mm to 100mm with shaft extensions up to 60mm to suit most applications.

Flanged Bearing Housings

The flange mounted housing is a very high load variant of the familiar flanged unit but now incorporating a high capacity spherical or self-aligning ball bearing fitted on adapter sleeves the Bearing Housings provide a self-aligning capability under both static and dynamic loads, combined with high radial and axial load capacity.

The housings are fitted with felt seals as standard, alternatively double lip rubber seals can be provided.  The units are suitable for horizontal and vertical mounting with blank end or through shaft end cover combinations as required.



It seems unfair that we compare ourselves to Hollywood stars. With their perfect hair, symmetrical faces, and glowing white smiles. But it is the small things that make all the difference. We often underestimate the power of our teeth. A smile is representational of us, who we are when we are -our best selves. And it is easy for us to forget that celebrities are human too, and aren’t always born that way. But the most perfect smile can be achieved using various options cosmetic dentistry provides, like porcelain veneers.

Veneers are often preferred as they seamlessly blend in your natural teeth. If you are tired of your discoloured or chipped teeth, porcelain veneers are the perfect solution for you and a great way to enhance your smile. Here are some of the advantages of veneers.

  • Natural Look:  Since porcelain veneers are customised for each patient, they resemble the natural teeth so well, that it is almost impossible to tell the difference.
  • Stain Free: Porcelain veneers, unlike the natural teeth are resistant to stains from consumption of hot caffeinated beverages
  • Long lasting: Dentist noble park are opting for porcelain veneers as the preferred treatment increasingly as these cost effective, non time consuming and long lasting treatment option.
  • Maintenance: Porcelain veneers are easy to maintain.  They do not require any specific Dr Vick Handa Burlington dental care.  They can be very well maintained following the normal brush and floss oral hygiene routine.

Below are actors and actresses who have changed their smile through cosmetic dentistry.

Porcelain Veneers

It is amazing how feeling confident about your teeth can change the way you smile. Kirsten Dunst has come a long way, from child actor, to indie star and even enjoying summer blockbusters of Spiderman fame. Dunst certainly has plenty of reasons to smile with her new porcelain veneers.

Miley Cyrus has transformed herself several times. She broke away from being Billy Ray Cyrus daughter, to make her mark as Hannah Montana, and then again, with her successful if not controversial singing career. Whether it is acting, singing or performing, Miley Cyrus bares her pearly white teeth proudly.

Morgan Freeman is known for his magnificent stage presence and low buttery voice but we forget that he wasn’t born with the best teeth. Now whether this Veteran actor is helping Batman in The Dark Knight or playing god in Bruce Almighty we can see that wonderful smile.

Zac Efron is the second child actor to remind us that a beautiful smile is a small but significant change. Now nearly thirty, Zac has won hearts all over with is bright if not occasionally cheeky smile.

Tom Cruise has had his face in every lounge room in the world. There are well over forty films to his name, and while he is certainly known for all that running, people don’t realise that winning smile wasn’t the one he started with.

It is incredible what change porcelain veneers can make. Whether it is cosmetic dentistry veneers or inlay and on lay restorations make the change today.