A Guide to Letterpress Wedding Invitations in Australia

Letterpress wedding invitations are truly a thing of beauty. If you compare it with a normal, digitally printed invitation, you could see that there is absolutely no comparison at all. The letterpress invitation is superior in every which way – quality, style, aesthetics, and a sense of uniqueness.

Resurgence of Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing, in case you did not know, is the oldest method of printing. The technique was used by men of letters back in the days to print volumes and volumes of books, which we read till date. The printing process is quite labor intensive, as you have to arrange each and every letter in the text one by one. The raised surface is then coated with ink and pressed against a sheet of paper, which leaves an impression of the text on the paper.

Digital printing, on the other hand, is fast, instant, and requires very little work. So, it became the choice of printers all over the world in a short time. However, there has been a resurgence of letterpress printing in many countries around the world, including Australia. Many printers have combined letterpress with modern printing and created a unique amalgamation of printing method. Instead of metal or wooden plates, photopolymer plates are used for printing. These plates are a lot easier to use, maintain, repair, and replace than traditional metal or wooden plates. Thanks to the new method, printing letterpress invitations has become a whole lot easier and less cumbersome these days.

Advantages of Letterpress Printing

  • The impressions are so deep that you can actually feel by running your fingers across the surface of the invitation. There is a certain novelty factor involved in this type of printing, which cannot be explained unless you experience it yourself.
  • Letterpress Business Cards in Australia usually use the highest quality paper to print invitations for special occasions. The printing technique works well with any type of paper – no matter how thick and heavy it is – including the extra stocky treeless cotton paper. It is not possible with digital printing.
  • Letterpress printing creates bold, crisp patterns that look spectacular on a wedding invitation. The quality of craftsmanship involved is such that it is virtually impossible to replicate it through digital printing.
  • When it comes to Gold Foil Wedding Invitations Australia is one of few countries that have still maintained the old school tradition of letterpress printing. Many printers here take pride in the fact that they play a role in preserving and propagating a traditional printing method that has continued to evolve through the centuries. So, by opting for letterpress cards and invitations, you are playing a part in keeping the tradition alive and supporting the printers who do the same.

Choosing the Right Wedding Invitation

If you have decided to opt for letterpress wedding invitations for your wedding, you are not alone. The printing technique is back in vogue and many couples are opting for the same due to the novelty factor and also the fact that the invitations are so aesthetically pleasing. Before you place your order, there are a few things you need to know.

  • Letterpress printing is more expensive than digital printing. So, your budget should be your primary concern. Make a list of letterpress printers in your city, talk to them, and ask them for a quote. Compare the quotes and choose one that suits your budget.
  • It also takes longer than flat printing. So, place your order well in advance. You cannot rush the printer at the last minute because there is nothing much he can do. The process is time-consuming and labor-intensive and the printer has to put in a lot of time and effort to get it perfectly made according to your specifications.
  • Try to get everything right the first time. Sit down with the graphic designer and tell him exactly what you want. Once the draft is ready, take a good look at it and let them know if there are any changes to be made. Making changes repeatedly is not an option with letterpress printing due to the laborious nature of the process.
  • Most printing presses in Australia have a catalogue of letterpress wedding invitations for you to choose from. If you want something truly unique, you can opt for a customized invitation, which will be designed and printed especially for you. It does, however, cost more than readymade invitations. If budget is not a constraint, you can definitely opt for bespoke invitations, which are a perfect choice for a truly special occasion like wedding.

Expert BBQ Pitmaster Secrets to Enjoy Your Holiday

Who doesn’t love the taste of smoked barbeque? The smell alone conjures up the images of warm summer nights, fall off the bone ribs, and succulent, smoky flavored prime rib.

But which smoker do you have to use? Gas, Charcoal or Electric Each has their advantages and disadvantages; and sometimes it comes down to matter of personal taste.

If you don’t want the mess of charcoal, and don’t like running out of gas in the middle of your smoke, then maybe you should consider an electric barbeque smoker.

Under review today is the Smokin’ Tex 1400 Pro Series Electric Commercial BBQ Smoker. This is one of the top of the line electric barbeque smokers, and each Smokin’ Tex 1400 comes with…

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Variable internal temperature control from 100 degrees to 250 degrees
  • A 35 pound maximum food capacity
  • Double wall insulation
  • Controlled heat, “no draft” cooking
  • 800 watt cooking element
  • Three 14 x 14 inch cooking shelves
  • Stainless steel drip pan
  • Four caster wheels for ease of movement

The Smokin’ Tex 1400 Electric Smoker Is Efficient

We ordered our Smokin’ Tex 1400 online for $595.00; and shipping was included in the price. It arrived within 6 days, and it came fully assembled. The only assembly we had to do was screw in the four caster wheels onto the bottom of the smoker and it was ready for instant use.

The construction of this unit is rock solid; but it doesn’t take up much space on the patio.
It is a vertical design, and measures 17 inches wide by 21 inches deep by 29 inches high. And despite its space saving design, there is plenty of room for smoking as much food as you’d wish.

The three adjustable racks make it easy to load varying types of meat and chicken; and I have had no problem putting in enough food at one time to feed an outdoor party of 17.

The Smokin’ Tex 1400 Electric Smoker Works All Four Seasons

The Smokin’ Tex 1400 is a real workhouse; and there was some seriously intelligent design elements considered when constructing this electric smoker.

First off, the construction of this smoker includes double wall insulation. What does that mean? The double wall insulation is rated to temperatures of 1000 degrees; no big deal, since you never smoke foods at that temperature.

However, it does mean that the interior temperature of this Smokin’ Tex 1400 stays constant; regardless of the outdoor temperature.

Once you set the internal smoking temperature at say 200 degrees, it doesn’t matter whether it is 95 degrees outside or 70 below; the double wall insulation keeps the interior temperature at a constant 200 degrees.

And this solves another problem that most gas and charcoal smokers have; consistency of temperature and constant attention. This is an electric smoker with an 800 watt heating element. Once you set the internal temperature and insert your food, it is completely hands free.

You can literally walk away from it as there is no fire to tend or charcoal to add to keep the temperature constant; and you can go to bed overnight and not have to worry about running out of gas in the middle of the job.

The Smokin’ Tex 1400 Makes Great Commercial BBQ Smoker

But the important test… How does it smoke food? The Smokin’ Tex 1400 does a great job on meat, poultry or fish. Since it has two very small vents (one at both top and bottom; both about an inch in diameter), there is absolutely no air flow in this unit; which means that your meat never dries out. You do not need a water pan or spray bottle to keep you food moist and tender.

And with little to no air flow, you will not have to use much flavoured wood to smoke your food. Plus, the door seals completely so that very little smoke escapes; meaning that the smoke actually does what it is meant to do…

It permeates the food and generates really moist, tender, and flavourful smoked food.

The Smokin’ Tex 1400 Is a Very Efficient Electric Smoker

The Smokin’ Tex 1400 has all the features you are looking for; without any of the problems.

A great value for the money, no assembly required, space saving design, the ability to smoke foods year round, and the end product of tasty, moist, and tender smoked foods make the Smokin’ Tex 1400 one of the best electric smokers around.